A Season’s Reflections

A Season’s Reflections

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A long overdue post, but I wanted to reflect on how great the 2016 season was. As a domestique, having a great season looks really similar as an okay season. The results don’t always show the story behind. However, this season things really started to come together for me.

One of my favorite things about cycling is how you can take a specific weakness, work hard to overcome it, and turn that weakness into a strength. It’s one of the best skills you learn in cycling that is applicable in every area in life- career, personal growth.

Each year I’ve had a goal of a different weakness to focus on in training and mentally/skill-wise. In training, I worked with my coach Adam Mills (Source Endurance) on increasing my ability to produce repeated anaerobic efforts to better enable me to cover repeated moves. I can tell you it helped a ton and also helped me have better mental confidence to do my job and do it better than I ever have before.

The other area that I really focused on was floating near the front and working on my confidence to stay there, particularly for the national calendar events. I really connect with how things are run on Colavita from both leadership and riders. I really appreciated my teammates pushing me in a good way. Between their support and me pushing my limits each race, things finally connected here in a way they hadn’t before and it snowballed. While by no means perfect, this was huge for me!

These couple of changes really helped me take a decent domestique season to a new level. I’m really grateful for supportive teammates and staff that believe in our potentials as athletes.