JOE MARTIN STAGE RACE: a 4th grade level poem

JOE MARTIN STAGE RACE: a 4th grade level poem


JOE MARTIN STAGE RACE: a 4th grade level poem

By Beth Hernandez

joe martin stage race is in arkansas

team colavita was excited to race -- hurrah!

the race organizers - they are quite rad

making the best race goodie bag i've ever had.

fayetteville is a cool town and worth a visit

but this race report is due, so let me get to it!

stage 1:a hill climb, oh great!

up devil's den would be our fate.

up up it went, oh so steep!

those cheeseburgers, why did i eat?

world champ stripes would take the prize

linda villumsen does have very powerful thighs.

our team faired pretty well,

katie, whittney were top ten, in a nutshell.

stage 2:a road race.

that my friends is more my pace.

all of the attacks - we were there,

but real separation did not fare.

UHC kept the field in check

setting up for the field sprint and collecting the paycheck.

coryn rivera oh so fast

not one could surpass.

stage 3:another road event

from kilometer zero, there i went.

that was brought back, to my dismay

those early attacks were kept at bay.

then, on the hill whitney attacked

DNA, Tibco all backed

for a lap UHC set pace

with the gap at 2:40 began the chase

a field split happened on the hill

this could be the race, depending on the lead group's will.

the race favorite, stuck in group two

but no cooperation ahead and so the pack knew

a field sprint loomed as the kilometers ticked down

and rivera again would wow the town.

stage 4:a downtown crit

all the teams were not willing to quit

the UHC show would be no more

one dominating team - it is just a bore

katie, whitney, both off the front

but it was tibco who was in the hunt.

a hard race, it was soon one to go

and it was lauren stephens of tibco who took the show.

but rivera would take the overall glory

an first GC win in her life story

and so joe martin concludes

with some tasty colavita cooked foods

off to tour of the gila the team goes

where the team hopes to put on a real show.