Team Colavita/Bianchi and Killington Mountain School launch cycling program

Team Colavita/Bianchi and Killington Mountain School launch cycling program


Pro team motivated to mentor young competitive cyclists

Team Colavita | Bianchi is proud to launch The Colavita | Killington Mountain School Cycling Development Program at the beginning of the 2017 season. The goal of the program is to create a stepping-stone for highly competitive junior cyclists who will be mentored by the pro team on and off the bike.  The program is aligned to KMS’ strive to build well-rounded cyclists who reach their college acceptance goals. Young athletes will also have the occasional opportunity to travel with the pro team and see some of the biggest races in the world.

“I am beyond excited to have our program now working closely with the Killington Mountain School Cycling Team,” Mary Zider said, director sportif of Team Colavita | Bianchi. “These young riders are not your typical athletes – they are selected to attend this highly regarded program because they have exemplified something special and unique in their athletic abilities.  I believe there is a great need for more junior development programs in the country. Riders need to be able to ride along more experienced riders and have a better understanding of race tactics. “

KMS is based in Killington, Vermont, where athletes train in the Green Mountains and travel extensively to gain a wide variety of race experiences.  The current program consists primarily of athletes from the northeastern United States.  The program also includes two Canadians and one alumna from Australia. KMS believes there are no geographic limits for a cyclist who is motivated, committed and a good fit for the program.

“This cycling project was driven primarily by a common recognition that there is not a well-established pathway for strong junior female cyclists to make their way to the pro ranks,” Brad Ramsay said, KMS Cycling Program Director. “Young girls often train alone and have little opportunity to learn to race as a member of a team. As a result, we see many talented riders leave the sport before they realize their potential.”

2017 will be a building year for the program. KMS plans to attract additional talented and motivated young women through the pro team partnership. At the same time, the program provides Team Colavita | Bianchi the opportunity to have a hand in developing riders with the qualities they require for future rosters. “Our long-term hope is to build a program that consistently graduates cyclists with the skills and strengths needed to transition into the Team Colavita program,” Ramsay added.